Amdaya was formed with specific focus on Digital related technologies including Mobile Development(Android and IOS) and IOT solutions. Amdaya has 2 major areas of focus, namely Products and Services.

As a philosophy, we only build products which are unique in nature. The way we define unique is something that does not already exist, or something that does not exist in the form that we want to show to this world. That is Amdaya's way of contributing back to this world.


Intelligent Surveillance System (IS2)

Safety of children in schools has now become a major concern area for the parents and for school management. As per statistics published by National Crime Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs for crime against children, one child is being victimized every 5 minutes.Even with large number of CCTV cameras installed within the school premises, it seems from some of the recent incidents that installing additional CCTV cameras may not be sufficient, because of the following reasons:

  • 1) CCTV cameras cannot be installed in certain areas such as toilets.
  • 2) It is humanly not possible to monitor 100s of CCTV cameras manually. Thus, CCTV cameras are often used as reactive measures for post-mortem after an incident has happened.

IS2 brings innovation and technology together to solve real life safety related issues for students and staff in the schools.IS2 is an end to end solution that keeps a track from first entry point (either school bus pickup or school entry gate) till the last exit point (either school bus drop or school exit gate). It is a service-based solution with a nominal license fee per month with ZERO upfront investment in hardware.


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